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How do they work?

You can book the "Intro Lesson" as your very first class for only $15 to get to work with the instructor, see how the lessons work, and have any questions you may have answered.  Then if you would like to continue, we will reserve the same day and time for you each week to have consistent lessons.

Your very first lesson will include learning how to read music, begin playing your very first song, as well as  ear training.  Throughout your lessons, you will learn how to play with technique and artistry, music theory, music history, and reach your goals.  

We work with beginning-seasoned musicians.  Annual live performances are also held to provide family and friends the opportunity to listen to the students' accomplishments throughout the year.

Malakai and Meredith are both available for on-site lessons.  Kiarah is currently only available for Zoom lessons.  The curriculum will be identical to in-person lessons and this allows students both nationally and internationally to have the opportunity to learn this beautiful instrument and work with us.  Please go to the "Bookings" page for our current availability.


  • Improved academic skills

  • Improved physical skills

  • Cultivates social skills

  • Improves language skills

  • Boosts self-esteem

  • Enhances creativity

  • Builds teamwork

  • Relieves stress

  • It's fun!

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